Surviving Mars Maps

About this site

This site is created becouse of that I like the game Surviving Mars, made by Haemimont Games and published by Paradox Interactive. Very soon I did miss the option to search for new landingspots in another way than clicking around Mars. So when I got time I took action and made this site.

Contact me

If you like to get in contact with me about this site you can use a couple of methods. Either you send me an mail on , contact me on twitter (@avdpos) or make contact at Paradox Interactives official forum where I have made this post about the site.

Privacy policy

Surviving Mars Maps do make use of the tools that Google Analytis provide to help webmasters. Even if Surviving Mars Maps doesn´t need your information for anything Google may track you with cookies. The only possible use of that information, besides giving me more knowledge, is to make it possible to put some sort of advertisement on the site. Even if the site is free from advertising at the moment it may be added later to help finance the hosting of the site.