Surviving Mars Maps

Instructions for the use of the searchtools

The search tool scan a all the possible landingspots on Mars in the game. If you leave a searchitem om N/A the search will not care for that value. If you on the other hand put in a value as Metals 3 your search will only show landingspots that do have 3 metal. With the help of the minimum and maximum tools you may search for more wide elements. Do just look after yourself so you ain´t making a contradicting search with no results, like Metals 1, Concrete 1, Water 1 and minimum resources 4. When contradiction happens the site will still try to match everything and obviously get zero results.
Resources are Metals, Concrete and Water.
Threats are Dust devils, Dust storms, Meteors and Cold waves.

As I do not have the formula for difficuklty percantages I can´t display how many times your score you get on specific maps.